Mark Smitham - Delivery Manager


Mark works within the UK Civil Service enabling digital innovation. He has a passion for connecting government professionals with digital technology researchers.

Giuseppe Sollazzo - Developer (back end)


Giuseppe is a Senior Systems Analyst at St George's University of London where he leads innovative digital systems projects. He has incredible expertise with back-end development and data manipulation.

Hadley Beeman - Data Scientist


Hadley designs and delivers Open Data and social networking technologies. Hadley identified key data sources for ChaMPion and prepared inaccessible datasets into useable open formats.

Sharon O'Dea - Product Manager


Sharon is an intranet and digital comms specialist with significant experience in the public sector. Sharon's knowledge of Parliamentary process and protocols made ChaMPion possible.

Lewis Westbury - Developer (front end)


Lewis develops apps and mapping software for a world class corporation. The ChaMPion user interface would not exist without his skills.

Glyn Wintle


Glyn's expansive knowledge of digital technologies informed the concept and scope for ChaMPion.

Brett Husbands


Professionaly Brett launches new ways for citizens to get services from government. He lent his skills to Team: WHIP to focus ChaMPion on the needs of the citizen.

Team quotes

  • "We can pull in more people once we know where the holes are"
  • "3rd grade gym badge does not a flexi-worker make"
  • "In Russia, my hovercraft is over crawling with eels"
  • "Sucking up to your whip, is huge!"